Terms of sale

About returns
If you need to return, you only need to contact us to retrieve the product within 3 hours after receiving the product. There is no replacement for any unpacked hardware or accessories. For unopened products, 30% of the value of the order will be charged as packaging costs due to logistics. The returned goods must be intact and without any scratches. They must pass the inspection by the supplier before they are accepted for return. After receiving the returned goods, we will return the payment by bank transfer within 4 days.

Order Acceptance / confirmation
Information contained in this website constitutes solicitation. Any such information shall not constitute an offer to provide any goods. Order products means that you send out to buy your selected products in accordance with these terms and conditions to offer us. We reserve the right to decide whether to accept your subscription offer. After receiving your order, we will send you an e-mail order confirmation email to you. However, we receive an order confirmation does not mean we have accepted your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell; we have only to confirm receipt of your order. In processing your order and ready for delivery, we will send you an e-mail you, that we have accepted your order, e-mail will also include details of shipment (ie "Order accept mail"). We may in its sole discretion whether to accept your order. We need to ensure that your product is ready, unless you are prepared for shipment, otherwise we will not accept Excellency orders. In most cases, if the products are in stock, such operations can be completed within twenty four hours. If the product is not in stock, it will recover in stock ready to ship the product and receipt of an order to accept mail. We may in its sole discretion to refuse or cancel any orders and limit orders. Prior to accepting or processing any order, we may request additional qualified information.

Pricing and price / price adjustments
In case of wrong price, we will inform you about the error, and let you select the correct price or cancel the order to continue trading, to cancel the order without charge.

Shipping & Delivery
The actual delivery orders may be affected by many factors beyond our control, for the delay in delivery, we are not responsible.

Limited Warranty
Most products provide the manufacturer's warranty, and maintenance of treatment is determined by the manufacturer and authorized service providers, the company does not assume responsibility for product maintenance, we should pay attention to the product when ordering products may no warranty.

General Terms
This policy by the Macao Special Administrative Region law. Both of us are irrevocably and unconditionally comply with the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the SAR. If either of us fails any of the provisions in this policy to enforce and does not constitute a waiver of that provision, and do not affect later claimed that the terms of the mandatory execution.