About Us

KIN NGAI HONG (Macau) Ltd. was formerly known as KIN NGAI HONG and later changed its name to KIN NGAI HONG (Macau) Ltd.

Since 1988, the company began to operate communications equipment, turning from the era of pagers to the era of digital technology today. , witness the changes in people's lives and changes in the times.

At present, the main businesses of the company are mobile phones and digital products, and they are divided into retail and wholesale. In terms of retail, the company adheres to the human-centered humane service spirit, coupled with the good reputation recognized by the majority of customers, as well as excellent after-sales service and persisting in the history of integrity management, allowing the company to accumulate a large customer base and a good reputation relationship. . In the aspect of wholesale, we have wholesale and foreign exports to other local retailers and provide local supply requirements. Through our sales team, we operate with integrity, make unremitting efforts, and work hard to continuously improve our own strengths, so that companies can get Macau's major With the support and recognition of the company, we keep abreast of the latest developments in the market, continue to explore new products and services, and have a good relationship with different companies and companies to fully meet the different needs of customers.

Since the establishment of KIN NGAI HONG (Macau) Ltd. in 1988, through a complete planning of marketing positions, the company had only five employees and now has more than 40 employees. The retailers and wholesalers that were initially developed into retailers now have the approval and support of major SMEs. They have been appointed as “Consultants for Consumer Disputes Arbitration Centers” for a number of years, and have also received the Outstanding Sales Award from Huawei Technology Investment Co., Ltd.