- The world's first 4 rear lens phones
- Extraordinary design with three unique colors
- Built-in 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM storage
- Support microSD memory card up to 512GB

Let you achieve more
Let the colorful Galaxy A9 create your ultimate mobile lifestyle. Take the world's first 4 rear lens and take photos. 6.3 吋 Infinite display screen and Dolby Atmos surround sound, let you enjoy yourself. Combining a streamlined ergonomic design, the grip feels comfortable and allows you to connect with a wonderful life.

The world's first 4 rear lens
Explore 4x music and capture stunning photos! The Galaxy A9 has four rear lenses for every moment. Easily improve photo quality with smart features such as 瑕疵 detection and automatic scene optimization.

Vision, from now on
The ultra-wide-angle lens of 8 megapixels provides 120o landscape shots, giving you a broad view of your eyes. From what you see in your eyes, it is your hand. If you want to take a wider picture, it is not difficult to take a panoramic photo with a super wide-angle lens.

Details, zoom in
Stand in the right place and take it with you. The Galaxy A9 is equipped with a 10 megapixel telephoto lens that supports 2x optical zoom. Even at long distances, the photos are still flawless.

Photo, more outstanding
Instant preview with depth of field to make your friends and family more prominent in the photo. The 5 megapixel depth of field lens, in conjunction with the main lens, allows you to adjust the depth of field at will, creating a bokeh effect that makes the photo look more professional.

Day and night, clear and bright
The Galaxy A9's 24 megapixel main lens makes it easy to control daylight and low light scenes. Shoot in high light conditions without overexposure and keep your photos clear. After entering the night or in low light, the camera will automatically take in more light and noise reduction, so that the image remains meticulous.

Photo, smart optimization
Capture the best image with every shot. The Galaxy A9's smart camera system has a scene optimization function that automatically detects the subject of the photo and selects the most appropriate one from the 19 scene modes to optimize the photo.

Found 瑕玼, automatic reminder
The rear lens of the Galaxy A9 will let you know how to optimize your photos. The 瑕疵 detection function is like a smart photography consultant, capturing blinks, blurred faces, backlights, etc., prompting you that the photos are not perfect, you can recapture the most beautiful moments in time.

Self-timer skills, comprehensive improvement
Self-timer moments are always sudden. So the Galaxy A9's 24 megapixel front lens is ready to go from morning to night, with new low-light shooting technology, enhanced luminosity and noise reduction, for you to take a clear and bright selfie; with self-timer depth of field, add bokeh The effect makes you the focus of your photo.

Photo, fun double
Turn yourself into Emoji, or add a party hat and animal nose to your face, or even use a powerful filter to enhance the color of your photo. With camera features, including stamps, stickers, and even AR Emoji, your creativity can take off and make each image more personal.

Style, love it
The Galaxy A9 is designed to match your taste. Whether it's a classic, stylish, glossy nightshade black, or a bold, progressive illusion blue or cherry pink, you can cater to your personality. As outstanding as the appearance, of course, its ergonomic design makes the grip more comfortable.

Infinite visual enjoyment
The Galaxy A9's 6.3-inch infinity display screen lets you focus on any scene and photo! With a very narrow border and a wide screen, you can see the visual experience. Whether it is a multi-job or streaming movie, you can see more and do more.

Information, at a glance
No need to unlock everything. Always On Display, as the name implies, always waits for you to push notifications, time, days, and even battery capacity on the screen.

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